The One Year Devo

September 28, 2020

Isaiah 54:1-57:14; Ephesians 6:1-24; Psalm 70:1-5; Proverbs 24:8
As we drive down the freeway we encounter highway distance signs that tell us how far we are from our destination. These signs are meant to point us to our destination and not to the signs themselves. No one stops and takes pictures at the distance sign, they wait and take them at their destination.
Similarly, our lives are meant to point people to God. Our purpose is not to draw attention to ourselves but to our glorious God. This is also true of our relationships.

One of the most powerful ways we can point poeple to God is through our marriages (for those who are married). Our marriages are not meant to be an end in themselves but to draw people to the greater, eternal reality of being joined/married to God.

This language of marriage is used in Isaiah 54:5 and throughout the Bible. Our earthly marriages will never last more than 50 or so years (if we are fortunate), while our marriage to Christ is eternal. We are the bride and Christ is the groom. Therefore, our marriages must point to the greater reality of our eternal marriage with Christ. Our marriages should point to the greater love that Christ has for us, his greater service on our behalf and the greater sacrifice that he has made for us.

As we love our spouses, we should remind ourselves and the world that this is just a shadow of the ultimate marriage which will culminate in the future. For those who are not married, remember, though you may not have chosen your current situation, you are not missing out on the ultimate marriage to come.

[If you would like to explore this idea more, John Piper wrote an excellent book on this called This Momentary Marriage.]

Question of the day: For those who are married, how can you use your marriage as a signpost to God? For those who are single, how can you remember the ultimate marriage that awaits you?

God my Father, thank you for uniting me to you through the work of your Son. Help me to remember that all my ultimate longings are fulfilled in you and not in the things of this world. Help me to remember the union I have with Christ now and the culmination of that in the future. I am your Son's bride and thank you that I am loved by him. Amen.

Derek Newbery

Posted by Sarah Naples at 19:00