The One Year Devo

September 22

NEHEMIAH 12:27-13:6; NEHEMIAH 5:14-19; NEHEMIAH 13:7-31; MALACHI 1:1-2:9

When the walls of Jerusalem were completed Israel had a massive celebration. The party wasn't to celebrate how great they were but to celebrate the greatness and faithfulness of God. The description of Nehemiah 12 describes two separate choirs that walked on top of the walls of the city as they praised God for all that they had seen him do. This day could have been a celebration of the hard work of the Israelites or the sacrifices they had made, but instead it was a time to remember all that God had done. When something great happens in our life, how do we celebrate? Do we point to our own greatness and success, or do we direct attention away from us to God? James tells us that every good gift comes from God and Paul in Colossians tells us that we are to overflow with thankfulness. Every celebration in our lives should point to God. A birthday is a time to celebrate God's faithfulness over the last year, an anniversary should point to God's greater love etc. As we celebrate let us always point to the greatest thing worth celebrating, God himself.

Father God, help me to celebrate and praise you. Thank you for your goodness, grace, mercy, faithfulness, and love. Help me to point others to you. Amen.

Question: How can you use your celebrations to point people to God?

Posted by Derek Newbery at 02:00