The One Year Devo

September 15

ESTHER 5:1-10:3

My daughters love the story of Esther. In their minds Esther is in the pantheon of Disney princesses of the likes of Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, and others. Yet, the story of Esther is about far more than a princess, and in fact is ultimately a story that points us to Jesus. There was a death sentence over the heads of the Jews and only when Esther stepped forward as a righteous mediator/petitioner were the people able to live. Esther risked her life so that her people might be free. In the same way Jesus not only risked his life but gave it up so that he could be the ultimate righteous mediator for his people. Only through his sacrifice could the death sentence which hung over all our heads be removed. As we read the story of Esther, and as we read the whole of the Old Testament, it reminds us of the greatness of Jesus, and that he was able to do for us what no one else could.

Father God, thank you for the sacrifice of Jesus. Thank you that in his death I can find life. Help me to surrender my life to your purposes and be willing to sacrifice myself for others. Amen.

Question: What are all of the ways that the story of Esther points you to the greater story of Jesus?

Posted by Derek Newbery at 02:00