The One Year Devo

September 13

ZECHARIAH 9:1-14:21

There are a number of Messianic prophecies in our reading today. Statements that speak to the character and actions of Jesus over five hundred years before he came. First, we are told that he would be a gentle and lowly king coming on the back of a donkey. Second, we are told that he would be pierced by the people. He is both royal and lowly, and both powerful and weak. In Jesus this powerful mystery is made clear when the eternal Son of God took on flesh and came as a servant. Despite his ability to have called down angels to end his crucifixion, he endured suffering and pain for our benefit. Finally, we see a future Messianic prophecy in Zechariah 14 of Christ coming to the Mount of Olives to radically change all of creation and human history. This is who our Jesus is. God himself, come to serve his creation and one day is coming to transform everything.

Father God, thank you for your Son. Thank you that he came to serve me through his perfect life, death, and resurrection. Thank you that he will come back one day to make all things right. While I wait for his return, help me to be about his work. Amen.

Question: How can you reflect Jesus’ character more clearly? 

Posted by Derek Newbery at 03:00