The One Year Devo

October 7, 2020

Jeremiah 8:8-9:26; Colossians 3:1-17; Psalm 78:32-55; Proverbs 24:27

Paul tells us in Colossians that who you are determines how you live. Understanding our identity is critical to our behavior. He tells us in verse 1 that we are those who have "been raised with Christ”. Since this is who we are, we should then think about things of Christ. If we ultimately dwell with Christ then we need to 'get our minds out of the mud' and on to things that are significant, eternal, and righteous.

Paul also tells us in verse 10 that we are a "new self”.  He wants us to understand that since we are a new person we should live in a new, fresh way. We no longer have to follow old patterns and habits but can live in ways that reflect our new nature and thus the character of Christ. 

Other pieces of our identity in this passage are that we are "God's chosen people" and "members of one body”. With each of these aspects of our identity again comes a point of application. It is critical for us to know who we are, so we know how to live.

Question of the day: What aspect of your identity jumps out to you from this passage and what point of application can you make for your life?

Father God, thank you that you have made me new in Christ. Help me to understand who I am so I know how to live. Help me not to live in my old ways of sin and selfishness but in ways of love and humility, that bring glory to you. Amen.

Derek Newbery