The One Year Devo

January 2, 2021

Genesis 3:1-4:26; Matthew 2:13-3:6; Psalm 2:1-12; Proverbs 1:7-9

Is God really a gracious God? Our reading out of Genesis yesterday made clear that God creates good things and graciously provides for his people. Yet today in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve begin questioning this. Adam and Eve are not alone in doing so because I find myself following their same path. I can think that God is withholding from me what I deserve or that living without Him at the center of my life might be a better option. When I choose this route, it leads to the same place as Adam and Eve -- isolation and destruction. Sin, no matter what it seems to promise, always leads to consequences I did not consider or expect.

As we follow the narrative in Genesis, we see the fall-out of doubting the goodness and graciousness of God. Adam and Eve are kicked out of the garden, the serpent becomes a crawler, the woman experiences birth pains, the man experiences work difficulty and there are now relational struggles. These relational struggles result in murder, hatred, and innumerable other manifestations just in our reading today. All of this brokenness flows from one moment of doubting the grace of God. We must learn to rest in God's grace and goodness rather than becoming restless and wandering from the presence and comfort of God. Only in this path will we experience the life which Christ died to make available to us both now and forever.

Question of the day: What would help you to cultivate a more grateful heart?

God, I thank you for your goodness and grace, and yet I confess that I don't always live out of these truths. I admit that I often think that I know better than you. Help me to trust you and turn from self-centered ways to acknowledgment of you as King over every aspect of my life. May I live today for you, out of the power of your Spirit. Amen.

Derek Newbery


Posted by Derek Newbery at 22:00