The One Year Devo

January 12, 2020

Genesis 26:17-27:46; Matthew 9:1-17; Psalm 10:16-18; Proverbs 3:9-10

As we saw with the sin of Adam and Eve, the consequences of sin are more than we can imagine. Genesis 27 reminds us once again how severe sin always is. The sin in this chapter starts with the favoritism of Isaac towards Esau and Rebekah towards Jacob. This created disunity in their family eventually led to Jacob dressing up as Esau in order to steal his blessing. Notice how this sin ripples out into a burning anger, plans to murder, and greater disunity in the family as Jacob is sent away to protect his life. What should have been a home that reflected God's love becomes a group of people who are living for their own selfish pursuits. This is how sin can twist us as well. We may think we can rationalize and justify our behavior but there is always a price to pay. Therefore, we should heed the words of Psalm 10:16 and recognize that "the Lord is king forever and ever.”  This means that every aspect of our lives is under his dominion and thus we should appropriately submit all of our life to him.

Question of the day: What has sin cost you? What can you do to remember the greater reward of obedience over sin?

God, our Father, we acknowledge that you are king over all, but often I live as if I were king. Therefore, help me to live for you, submissive to you and live for your glory. I acknowledge that when I live for myself it is sin and deserves judgment but I thank you that forgiveness is available through Christ. Help me to see the ways that I am not allowing you to be king and to surrender those areas of my life over to you. Amen.

Derek Newbery

Posted by Sarah Naples at 23:00