The One Year Devo

August 31

Job 37:1-39:30; 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:10; Psalm 44:9-26; Proverbs 22:13

There may be days where you feel like throwing in the towel. This could be due to frustration, lack of sleep, depression or any number of other things. When we face this seemingly impenetrable obstacle how do we move forward?  2 Corinthians 4 and 5 give us some encouragement. 

Paul tells us that we must “fix our eyes” on what is unseen. We must pull our eyes away from the things of this world, the frustrations, troubles and confusion of life and put them on the eternal. Paul wants us to understand that in the midst of the turmoil of life there is only one solid, unchanging place we can turn:  God. We can find hope in our future resurrection and in the Spirit which we have already been given. The Spirit is the deposit which guarantees that God will follow through on all of his promises to us.

When today feels terrible we can remember the future life Christ has provided for us and find hope and encouragement. Turn from today and find hope in a certain, better tomorrow that Christ will give.

Question of the day: How can you live out the command to fix your eyes on the “unseen”?

Father God, thank you that my future is secure in Christ. Thank you that your Spirit guarantees that you will follow through on all of your promises to me. Help me to trust you more than myself or what I can see. Amen.

Derek Newbery

Posted by Sarah Naples at 03:00