The One Year Devo

August 29

JEREMIAH 42:1-44:30; EZEKIEL 33:21-33

How many times have you asked for someone's opinion when you really didn't care what they said because you already had your mind made up? The remnant in Jerusalem claimed that they were willing to do what God told them but when the answer wasn't what they expected they refused to listen. It seems dishonest when we ask for someone's advice and then ignore it, and the height of foolishness when we do that toward God. God always seeks to lead us into the fullness of life-- to decide on our own path is to wander into disaster. That is exactly what happens to the remnant as they flee to Egypt since it seems safer in their mind, when it will only lead them to another defeat. God's plan may seem to not make sense but obedience is always the path of wisdom and life. Therefore, let us have ears to hear what God is saying and respond by doing what he tells us to do.

Father God, help me to obey your word. Help me to hear what you ask of me and to do what you say. Thank you for your truth, wisdom, and insight, and help me to walk in it today. Amen.

Question: How can you better hear what God is saying and gain a greater heart for obedience?

Posted by Derek Newbery at 03:00