Missions and Outreach

The missions program of our church is overseen by the Missions Team which exists to connect the CPCC family with the world through global missions. We seek to accomplish this by promoting an awareness of missions, fostering participation in missions, and overseeing missions-related activities in the church.

Expand the sections below to learn more about the missionaries Center Point supports financially.

Nate and Danielle Chaney - Christar, Africa

Nate and Danielle, along with their 3 boys, are serving with Christar in Senegal, West Africa. Their overall aim is to see the Senegalese church built up and established through discipleship and evangelical efforts. They are partnering with Dakar Academy, an international Christian school, to help provide the missionaries in West Africa with a quality education opportunity for their children.

Paul and Karan Davis -TEAM, France

Paul and Karan Davis work with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in France. In 2010 they moved to the city of Pontcharra, strategically located between the Winter Olympic cities of Grenoble (1968) and Albertville (!992) to start the first evangelical church in a valley of 80,000 people. The group has grown to 40+ adults plus children, has its own meeting place in the center of town, and is having an impact in the city. Paul and Karan are training French leadership to take over the direction of the church in 2020. Their ministries consist of evangelism, discipeship, and leadership training. 

Franklyn Francois - Cru, Gainesville, FL

Franklyn is on staff with Cru at the University of Florida. He has the opportunity to minister one of the largest and most well-regarded campuses in the state of Florida. Because UF attracts some of the brightest minds, Cru at UF has the ability to reach the next generation of leaders who will have an impact on many communities in Florida, the U.S. and around the world. Through his ministry with Cru, Franklyn hopes to share the hope-giving message of the gospel to unbelievers, build up and encourage students who are already experiencing a relationship with Jesus, and send students to different cities, states, and countries with a desire to make disciples wherever they are.

Amy and Ryan Green - TEAM, Thailand

Amy and Ryan currently live in Korat, Thailand. They have been there since 2018 and are serving a local church and developing relationships in the community. Their long term goal is to see believers added to the local church and churches started in districts where there are none. 


Andy and Sylvia Grosh - Wycliffe Bible Translators, Papa New Guinea

The Groshes work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. It is their vision to enable the people of Papua New Guinea to have access to God's Word in their own heart languages, and to help them use the Scriptures to understand the Gospel and learn more about maturing in Christ. They have focused much of their ministry on the Kaluli people, a group of about 3,000 people living in the remote rainforest of PNG.  They began by learning the language and doing linguistic analysis to develop an alphabet and are now working with individuals chosen by the local church, teaching them how to read, interpret, and translate God's Word to produce a Kaluli translation of the Scriptures.  They are also teaching the Kaluli people to read and write in their own language so they can use the translated Scriptures and grow in their faith.  In addition to his leadership roles with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Andy is in partnership with others interested in Bible translation to help accomplish the goal of reaching all 800+ language groups in Papua New Guinea with God's Word.

Jacob and Autumn Fruchtman - Jews for Jesus, NYC

Jacob was raised in a Messianic Christian home by Jewish parents. His identity has always been deeply connected to being Jewish but recognizing Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah was foundational in understanding that identity. Jacob and Autumn are responding to God's calling to enter the mission field to reach the Jewish people of New York City with the life changing message of the gospel. 

Brock and Heather Hower - Avant Ministries, Mexico

Brock and Heather, Tucker, Silas, Ruben, and Annie Hower work in central Mexico with Avant Ministries.  Brock and Heather are both missionary kids, and they have been privileged to work in church planting and several other ministries that promote intimate relationships with Jesus Christ.  

They are currently involved in the church plant, Spring of Life Bible Church; Aroma Coffee Shop - they roast their own coffee and sell it in the coffee shop that is a place for outreach; La Cima Community Center - they teach English, music, and other skills as a way to bring people in and show them the love of the Lord; a ministry called Seek First - a ministry that reaches out to area church leaders and invites them to become lifelong learners through a holistic approach to life and ministry.  

Heather is passionate about ladies ministry and the whole family is passionate about ministry to missionary kids, and so they are involved in retreats/camps that reach out and care for ladies and for MKs.  Brock is also the Country Facilitator for Avant in Mexico.  He works with the different team leaders in the effort to ensure every team member is as effective as possible, yet still comfortable and healthy.

Tom and Deborah Nite - International Bible Training, Russia

Tom & Deborah Nite serve with International Biblical Training, Inc., preparing nationals in Eastern Europe, Africa, and India to reach their own countries for Christ.  They teach at Bible Colleges, Bible Institutes, seminaries, and conferences, equipping pastors and Christian workers for a lifetime of ministry to their own people.  The Nites have helped train more than 1,200 pastors and Christian workers.  Some of them come from and work among a number of different unreached people groups.  For more information, visit their website www.globalnites.ministryhome.org.

Keith and Linda Spence - Cru, Orlando, FL

Having been with Campus Crusade for Christ Inc. for thirty two years, Keith now serves as the Global Leadership Development and Human Resource Director overseeing training and development for approximately 4,000 international staff serving in East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and Western and Eastern Europe . This role regularly takes him to countries such as the Netherlands, Hungary, India and Turkey working with leadership development and ministry  team training in those areas.

Linda serves as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator and coach for a special development program at our Orlando International Headquarters called Lake Hart Stint whose sole purpose is to provide a year-long program of focused care and development for long-term Campus Crusade missionaries in transition either in the U.S. or returning from overseas while they perform vital functions at our headquarters. Amid this busy ministry schedule, both Keith and Linda are pursuing graduate degrees in Pastoral Counseling.

e-mail: keith.spence@ccci.org

Address: 13609 Sky Blue Court / Orlando, FL 32829

website: www.cru.org


Lizzie Vasquez - Navigators, Puerto Rico

Lizzie is serving on a two-year mission with the Navigators in Puerto Rico. She and her team are working with university students and local church communities to cultivate a culture of discipleship.

Puerto Rican society is influenced by a traditional religious culture, yet many church-goers lack an intimate relationship with the Lord that is founded on the truth of His word. The Navigators’ vision is to help ignite a desire in young people to seek God and His word; to equip them with how to deepen and grow in that relationship; and to empower them to answer the call to make disciples of Christ within their networks.

The goal and the prayer is to see a foundational group of leaders and disciple-makers rise up to take ownership of a self-sustaining, generational ministry.

Stan and Lori Wallace - Global Scholars, Kansas

Global Scholars’ vision is that one day every student, colleague, university, and discipline will have Christian professors who communicate the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christ in the power of the Spirit for the flourishing (shalom) of society as they serve Christ in global higher education. 

Global Scholars Professors share the Gospel and mentor young men and women in many ways: bringing biblical truth into the classroom, discipling students, leading home Bible studies, and having informal movie nights for discussions of biblical themed films. As president, Stan is personally involved with the placement and member care of these individuals while they serve.

e-mail: swallace@global-scholars.org

address: P.O. Box 12147 Overland Park, KS 66282

website: global-scholars.org

Community Pregnancy Clinics - Naples, FL

Community Pregnancy Clinics, Inc. has provided life-affirming assistance to pregnant mothers in crisis and a positive alternative to abortion for more than 40 years in Collier County.  In 2002, they became one of the first crisis pregnancy centers in the state of Florida to convert to a medical clinic model offering free ultrasounds administered by nurses and skilled ultrasound technicians.  In 2007, CPCI opened a medical clinic in Ft. Myers and is located within steps of Planned Parenthood.  In 2017, CPCI opened a medical clinic in Sarasota, FL and now has a second Naples location at the corner of Creech and Goodlette-Frank Road – both clinics just steps away from Planned Parenthood.  To reach women where there is a need – they also have a Mobile Medical clinic.  This van is equipped with an ultrasound and they are able to go into neighborhoods and near area schools and universities to serve women that may be unable to come to one of our clinics.  Now with four life-saving medical clinics and the Mobile Medical clinic, they have become one of the most effective pro-life organizations in Southwest Florida.  Eighty-eight percent of the abortion vulnerable women who visit CPCI choose life for their babies after receiving an ultrasound and counseling.  CPCI also offers assistance to families after the birth of their child which includes material assistance of baby clothes, diapers, etc., community referrals and emotional support.  For someone in need of the services of CPCI – please go to www.communitypregnancyclinic.com.  To learn more about how you can volunteer or donate to them please go to www.community4life.com

SW Florida FCA - Naples, FL

Since 1954, the vision of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has remained the same.  Impact the world for Jesus Christ.  When passion  for sports and love for God converge in the determined spirits of Christian coaches and athletes, it can have a huge influence on our culture.  The result:  Christ is proclaimed and lives are changed.

We believe this vision is big--too large for us.  That is why we are relying on God to lead staff, volunteers, parents, churches and businesses to rally together for the cause of Christ.  And in 2011, it certainly happened.  Through persistent prayers and generous support, God provided incredible opportunities to reach more coaches and students through Southwest Florida FCA.  Yet there are still more to reach.  We need people who care deeply for athletes and coaches.  Who believe passionately in our vision.  Who agree enthusiastically that the growing influence of sports can be used to reach the nation and the world for Jesus Christ.  If you are one of those people, would you prayerfully consider joining the Southwest Florida FCA?  We would be honored to count you as a member of our team.  To contact us call (239) 784-3377 or visit www.swfloridafca.org.

Golden Gate Elementary - Naples, FL

Golden Gate Elementary School is a local public school that we serve at. We do this through a food program called Blessings in a Backpack and an after school program called Good News Club. Blessings in a Backpack seeks to provide food for kids who would not necessarily be fed over the weekend. They receive a bag of food on Friday to ensure that they will be fed away from school. Alongside meeting physical needs we also seek to share the gospel and disciple kids through the Good News Club which meets on Thursday mornings after school.

Grace Center Foundation - Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

For 10 years Grace Center has provided a holistic approach to helping impoverished families and orphaned and underprivileged children in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Marci (from here in Naples), her husband (from Ethiopia), and Andrew and Deanna Knife (from Australia) co-foundered and co-direct the foundation which offers hope to the lives of many in this poverty stricken country. It  has been exciting to see their flexibility to develop programs when awareness of new needs surfaced. Programs are now in place for

  • helping nurture abandoned children, which for many is seen as the only hope of survival
  • provide education and training for mothers to keep families together who would not otherwise be able to survive
  • helping mothers in jail whose children must go with them
  • an after school care program
  • a feeding program
  • Hope Memorial Medical Care
  • Helping women start businesses

On the website, read of their exciting range of actives, view the smiling children’s faces, find out about volunteer responses to this ministry.

email: marci@gracecenterfoundation.org

Grace Center Foundation / P.O. Box 112692 / Naples, FL 34108 

phone: (239) 465-6435

website: http://gracecenterfoundation.org

Helps Outreach - Naples, FL

Helps Outreach has a simple mission. To help the poor and the needy of Lee and Collier County by clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and ministering to the hurting. They are a Christ centered food bank which seeks to respond to needs in the community in ways that love the individual and also glorify God. Visit helpsoutreach.org for more information

Naples Christian Academy - Naples, FL

Naples Christian Academy's mission is to partner with Christian parents to develop students with hearts impassioned to love God, minds disciplined to think Biblically, and hands prepared to serve. The Academy serves families with students in PreK3 through 8th grade, is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International as well as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and is recognized by the US Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School. Visit www.napleschristian.netfor more information.

Sunlight Home - Naples, FL

Sunlight Home was founded in 1994 to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse of pregnant women and teens. Sunlight's mission is to provide a Christ-centered environment for pregnant women of all ages so they can be renewed through emotional and physical wholeness and spiritual training. This is accomplished through church attendance, Bible study, counseling, parenting and child birth classes, and through love and concern. Sunlight Home strives to help each mother understand that their unborn babies and their children are a precious gift from God. Young mothers from Sunlight Home are often in worship services at Center Point.

Young Life Collier County - Naples, FL

Young Life’s mission is introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.‚Äč By focusing on what matters to high schools students - fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance—they  earn the privilege of talking to the young people about something that matters most of all--the truth about Jesus and His great love for them.

Currently YLCC offers Wyldlife for middle schoolers; Young Life for high schoolers, and Capernaum, a ministry for special needs students. Besides school session meetings “club”, the summer camp program and its follow-up, leaders engage with students throughout the year. Check out the website to see what may appeal to you in terms of awareness of activities or even the opportunity to be involved.

email: ryan.wilsonyl@gmail.com

address: Area Office / PO Box 112481/ Naples, FL 34108

phone: (239) 260-5047

website: https://naples.younglife.org