Mission & Values

Mission & Values

As a community of believers, we hold ourselves to a high moral code and set of values. Our mission drives us forward to be better versions of ourselves and the best Church to call home. 

Our Mission

Our mission statement answers the question, “What are we supposed to be doing as a church?”

Our mission... To be disciples who make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Values answer the question, “What are the most important characteristics that distinguish how we minister as a church?”

Truth with Gentleness

We promote biblical truth as we pursue loving relationships.

Demonstrated by not shying away from our roles as brothers / sisters to hold fellow brothers / sisters accountable to God's Word with a spirit of kindness and care. Ephesians 4:15
Grace with Acceptance

We reflect God's unconditional love for the lost.

Demonstrated by loving not only our family but those outside of the church (our neighbors) Ephesians 4:32; John 4:1-42
Compassion with Initiative

We take action to recognize needs and embrace people's suffering with sympathy and mercy.

Demonstrated by tender hearts, empathetic eyes and responsive hands Colossians 3:12; 1 Peter 3:8; Galatians 6:10
Relationships with Authenticity

We recognize that we belong to one another.

Demonstrated by welcoming honesty about the struggles and joys of real life as we cultivate meaningful relationships Romans 12:9-13
Influence with Relevance

We challenge our community with God's relevant, life-changing message.

Demonstrated by connecting with people “where they are,” but loving them too much to “leave them there” 1 Peter 3:15-16; John 3:17


Strategy answers the question, “How do we accomplish our mission on the broadest level?”

Worship: Attending a weekly service where God is truly worshiped and his Word is taught and applied to our lives.

Connect: Developing consistent relationships through a Connection Group that challenge us to be like Christ.

Serve: Using the gifts God has given us to help others--both within and outside of the body.

Invite: Consciously including others in what God has done, and is doing, in our lives.

Mission Measure

Mission Measure answers the question, “What does a disciple of Christ look like?”

At Center Point it is someone who…
Pursues intimacy with Christ
Obeys God's Word
Invites others to follow Christ
Nurtures authentic relationships
Touches the world with God's love