Our Ministries

At Center Point we seek to encourage discipleship and spiritual growth. We want to emphasize those ministries that best help us move toward spiritual maturity and conformity with the person of Christ.

With that in mind we focus on a few key discipleship ministries – and doing them as well as possible. Our ministries include programs for Adults, Young Adults, Youth, Children, and Missions. Explore our ministries, and find one that is right for you!

We emphasize four steps:
  • Worship (specifically, attending a worship service)
  • Connect (being part of a Connection Group)
  • Serve (using the gift God has given each of us to help others)
  • Invite (reaching out to include others)

Obviously there are many other aspects of discipleship, but we feel they can be included in these four components. As a church, we have made the choice to invest our efforts in these four areas (and have even developed the “icon” above as a tool for communicating this). We encourage you to make these four components part of your life as well.